Turning venue data into permanent digital records

For 13 years I have surveyed everything from historic buildings to modern sports stadia. My business was scoping for the branding of what we call “big games” such as UEFA Champions League, The Olympics, as well as various World Cups as in Rugby or FIFA to name just a few. Venues have always been scoped and measured by traditional methods where taking notes, measurements and photographs are common practice. Timely and costly processes where the site recce crew using expensive and dangerous high-level access platforms often miss data. Yet, that’s the process that is currently accepted as the norm, until now…

In this new world, it’s now possible to create a 3D model using our SHOWSLICE Venue Mapping Service for your event space. Cutting-edge laser scanning processes that entails sending out laser beams over surfaces in order to collect 3D data that is accurate to the millimetre. And by “3D data” I’m talking about the precisely measured digital replica of buildings, landscapes, objects and events where this data is turned into permanent, digital images and records and built into one complete working data set for access at anytime from anywhere in the world. A strictly coordinated stakeholder management planning tool that can be accessed and viewed remotely by stakeholders, facilities management, contractors and 3rd party event owners via laptop, tablet and mobile devices.

Having all the existing event assets accessible from the desktop means that you now have all the information, all of the time and the ability to amend the scope of any project without requiring a return to site.

The intuitive model viewer allows accurate budgeting and planning decisions to be made using the user-friendly measurement and mark-up tools. This 3D point cloud allows accurate measurements to be taken by interrogating the data within bespoke CAD software from the desktop.

Our SHOWSLICE Venue Mapping Team will put your event venue in the palm of your hand, giving you a unique power of information with accessibility like never before.

A new service offered to organising committees, event organisers, agencies, production firms and venues. Helping all of you to drive your events into the 21st century.

Call me on +44 (0)20 3488 0220 or email our venue mapping team at mapping@showslice.com for more information.

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