The experience is the outdoor display

A SHOWSLICE tale from the Festival and Outdoor Events Show 2017:

The events industry is all about creating great experiences for our clients… And that’s exactly what SHOWSLICE and Anna Valley did triumphantly at The Festival and Outdoor Events Show at Sandown Park Racecourse last month.

A crisp autumn morning through an ultra-high quality display before the doors open at Festout 2017

As the centrepiece of the SHOWSLICE stage, Anna Valley set-up an impressive 12m x 3m display using Europe’s brightest and highest definition outdoor LED screen  to create an experience where SHOWSLICE could effectively tell the story of cost saving collaboration and venue mapping for the events industry.

The idea was to show our clients the versatility of an outdoor LED screen that is not just the ideal answer for one event but could also be used by several event organisers back to back with only the content and furniture being changed. The perfect solution at a more than affordable price. And to show off the screen’s versatility, “Drinks with Damian!” was born.

SHOWSLICE CEO Damian Oracki demonstrating how various experiences can be had from just one set-up.

“Drinks with Damian!” was about SHOWSLICE CEO Damian Oracki kicking back with an event professional, having a drink, a chat and ‘spilling some beans’ in an unconference format. Four simple scenes were designed to demonstrate the possibilities of using such displays as the backdrop to your event, as seen above: 1. Campfire with camping chairs and gumboots; 2. The classic logo sponsored interview in business suits; 3. A sunset in chesterfields and eveningwear and finally, Damian’s personal favourite 4. The Beach!

First up on stage was one of the team behind the magnificent LED screen; Anna Valley’s Business Development Manager Paul Flaherty gladly lent his mouth and ear to chat with Damian about what he loves in events and how he and his company continue to drive passion for technology by providing a full service audio visual experience that is perfect for all types of outdoor, corporate and special events.

Despite this being a fun “Open Space Conference” idea, the objective was still rather serious. With 5 interviews to get through, each interviewee had to choose their theme and the Anna Valley and stage crew rearranged the set live to create the scene for that theme. It never took them more than 5 minutes to do the changeover and the only real waiting was always for Damian who had to change clothes for each theme… and fetch the drinks of course. An obvious proof of how versatile the screen can be and that once the stage and screen has been set-up, the possibilities of its use are endless.

Having a set up like this is no easy feat as the crew needed a few days to plan and put it together. Yet, comparing this to the quicker, pop-up solutions for outdoor events is a no-brainer, because in those cases the ultra-high resolution and visual impact is lost in the convenience. The bespoke design and clarity of the display is something that was most certainly worth the effort. See Anna Valley’s Festout 2017 blog HERE to learn more about the techie side of this stunning display.

Also, if you still keen to see more, click below and start watching “Drinks with Damian!” where Damian and Paul kick things off with an industry heart-to-heart talking outdoor LED displays and sustainability whilst having a bit of a jolly:

Feel free to contact our team at for the Showslice network opportunities available to save time and money in event production and sustainability… or you are welcome to just call in and have a drink with us anytime.